May 10

Philippians Series (May-June 2018)

New series on Philippians: How to Live Unchained! This Sunday at NCC begins a 4-week study of Philippians. Throughout the letter, Paul gives us God’s wisdom on how to take the shackles off our lives and live in the way He intended. Topics include: joy, looking forward, losing anxiety and the power of Christ in our […]

May 10

Mother’s Day @ Student Rev

This coming Sunday (May 13th) is Mother’s Day. Student Rev will not be meeting that evening so students can spend that time with their families honoring their mothers. We will be picking back up on Sunday, May 20th with Part 5 of SAVAGE LIFE!

April 23

Coast Guard A-School five.16

Here we go, Church!  It’s our next opportunity to love our community together! Thanks to your generosity this past Christmas via our Giving-It-All-Away offering, we’re serving our U.S. Coast Guard A-School Students in Elizabeth City again!  We want everyone involved in this awesome event, showing encouragement, love and support to students God led here.  You […]

April 12

Swipe Right Series (April-May 2018)

This Sunday, we begin a new 4-part series called Swipe Right, based on the book by Levi Lusko. This series will look at what the Bible has to say about sexuality and relationships. It is geared for both married and single people. Here are 5 reasons NOT to attend the Swipe Right series this Sunday […]

April 10

April 8, 2018 Message

David “Chappy” Schlichter shared his sermon “Somebody Has Died” with us on Sunday, April 8, 2018. You can listen to the message here!  

April 08

Staffing Update

We have been privileged to have Cruz Rueda lead our worship at NCC over the last months during his senior year at MACU. But as Cruz graduates this May, he will be taking a full time residency position in a church in Washington, D.C. We will be very sad to see Cruz go, but at […]

March 28

Easter and Student Rev

Because of the Easter holiday, Student Rev will not be meeting Sunday evening, April 1st. We will be BACK at Rev on Sunday, April 8th from 6-8 PM so go ahead and make plans to join us for a game and hangout night. Then, we start a new series on April 15th that you don’t […]