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April 20

Catch Them Doing It Right

by Reggie Joiner Several years ago, our team was asked to design a program to help public schools teach kids character. One of the tools we provided was a “Value-able” card to award a child with free ice cream when they did something that demonstrated respect, responsibility, or kindness. We gave out enough cards so teachers could […]

April 06

Cats and Dogs

by Tim Walker Ah, middle school. The smell of axe wafting through the air. The endless group texts. The hormonal mood swings. It really is a magical time, isn’t it? When my oldest son was a middle schooler, my wife and I were blindsided by the changes. We were constantly second-guessing ourselves, and wondering what we […]

March 23

Middle School Changes

by Dan Scott I can’t say I feel old enough, but it’s true: we have a child in middle school. A new school. A new chapter. A whole new world. And as much as we sometimes feel like a deer in the headlights, thankfully, we’re not on our own during this transition to middle school. We have experts—parents, teachers, […]

March 09

One Question Every Daughter Should Answer About Dating

by Reggie Joiner I have three daughters. So I have been through the ups and downs of dozens of dating relationships at our house. And now that my daughters are in their twenties, I think it may be safe to talk a little about what I experienced watching them date as teenagers. I can honestly say […]

February 26

Raising A Kind Person

*Photo Credit: Reggie Joiner writes: “So how kind have your kids been lately? That is one of your goals as a parent right? Along with a good education, health, financial autonomy, faith in God, you hope your kids will be nice, at least some of the time. … But sometimes it’s just hard for […]

February 23

The Humility of Connection

by Tim Walker Growing up, I had a hard time connecting with my dad. As a kid, all I could see were the differences between us. I liked to read comic books. I loved to draw. I would play with action figures for hours. Or make spaceships out of boxes. I loved TV, and I […]

February 13

Redefine Valentine’s

*Photo Credit: Holly Crawshaw writes: “How do our kids factor into Valentine’s Day? Do we buy them candy? Don’t we spend half our life trying to keep them away from sugar? Do we buy them cards? What if they can’t read? It all just sort of seems wasteful, doesn’t it? …How can we leverage […]