New Groups – Spring 2019


Groups are a place for you to belong and grow spiritually with other people.  Groups are a place where you can find other people who will offer friendship that encourages your faith, but also cheers us on in the day-to-day life as well.

When groups come together, they have the opportunity to explore and discuss the Bible and other topics more than we can on a Sunday morning.  Groups are a place to ask questions and find real answers.

Groups are like having a family you can turn to when the hardships of life wear us out and when we need a reminder of God’s love for us.

You can sign up for a group by clicking here.

Here are the groups that we are currently offering:

Group Name:  Pizza with the Pastors
  • Group Leader(s):  NCC Staff
  • What is this group about?  Come meet our staff and find out about NCC.
  • Who is this group for? For anyone.
  • When is this group happening?  Sunday, February 10, 2019 at 12:30 PM
  • Where is this group meeting?  NCC Student Auditorium
  • Childcare?  Yes
  • Cost?  Free

Group Name:  Connect
  • Group Leader(s):  Solomon & Laura Berry
  • What is this group about? A young adults group with fun, friendship, and usually food.
  • Who is this group for? High School Graduates – 20’s
  • When is this group happening?  1st & 3rd Sundays at 1:00 PM, starting February 3rd.
  • Where is this group meeting?  Berry Home (Elizabeth City)
  • Childcare?  No
  • Cost?  Cost of Activities

Group Name:  I Was Broke, Now I’m Not
  • Group Leader(s):  Eric Lowe
  • What is this group about? Helping you accomplish far more than you ever thought possible with your personal finances.
  • Who is this group for? For Anyone.
  • When is this group happening?  Sundays at 11:00 AM, starting February 3rd.
  • Where is this group meeting?  NCC Offices
  • Childcare?  Yes
  • Cost?  $30.00

Group Name: Love and Respect Study
  • Group Leader(s):  Ricky & Adrianne Adams
  • What is this group about? A 10-week video-based study with each night taking about 1.5-2 hours as we watch the videos, discuss, and challenge each other to treat our spouses as God intended.
  • Who is this group for? Married Couples
  • When is this group happening?  Mondays at 6:30 PM, starting February 4th.
  • Where is this group meeting?  NCC Offices
  • Childcare?  Yes
  • Cost?  $20.00/couple

Group Name: MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers)
  • Group Leader(s):  Meagan Stalter
  • What is this group about? A group for expectant moms and mothers of preschool-aged children providing a time for moms to grow together and support each other in getting through this thing called “motherhood”.
  • Who is this group for? For Mothers of Preschoolers and Expectant Moms
  • When is this group happening?  1st & 3rd Tuesdays at 9:30 – 11:30 AM
  • Where is this group meeting?  NCC Student Auditorium
  • Childcare?  Yes
  • Cost?  Cost of Childcare

Group Name: Thrive
  • Group Leader(s):  Laura Berry
  • What is this group about? A group for women experiencing grief through an unexpected, significant life change.  We are dedicated to growing stronger, braver, healthier, and happier through faith, friendship, and authentic love for others.
  • Who is this group for? For Women Only
  • When is this group happening?  1st & 3rd Tuesdays at 7:00 PM, starting February 5th.
  • Where is this group meeting?  NCC Student Auditorium
  • Childcare?  Yes
  • Cost?  Depends on Study

Group Name: Tuesday Night Men’s Group
  • Group Leader(s):  Dan Lynam
  • What is this group about? A weekly gathering to study God’s word so that we might be completely and thoroughly equipped for every good work. 
  • Who is this group for?  For Men
  • When is this group happening?  Tuesdays at 7:00 PM
  • Where is this group meeting? NCC Offices
  • Childcare?  No
  • Cost?  Free

Group Name: Thursday Morning Women’s Group
  • Group Leader(s):  Loretta Turmel
  • What is this group about? Please join us as we read The Papa Prayer by Larry Crabb and deepen our relationship with our papa.
  • Who is this group for?  For Women
  • When is this group happening?  Thursdays at 9:30 – 11:30 AM, starting February 7th
  • Where is this group meeting?  NCC Offices
  • Childcare?  No
  • Cost?  $16/person

Group Name: Mostly Mature
  • Group Leader(s):  Harv & Chris Schaffner
  • What is this group about? We believe that we never stop growing in Christ and are interested in ways to serve others while personally growing closer to our Lord through the study of God’s Word and prayer.
  • Who is this group for?  For empty nesters and retired people.
  • When is this group happening?  Fridays at 6:30 PM
  • Where is this group meeting?  Schaffner Home (Elizabeth City)
  • Childcare?  No
  • Cost?  Free

Group Name: NCC Ladies
  • Group Leader(s):  Zaribel Clay
  • What is this group about? Fun Gatherings open to all New Community Ladies!
  • Who is this group for?  For Women
  • When is this group happening?  Stay Tuned for dates and times!

Series – Fully Known – January – February 2019

What would life be like if you were fully known, and truly loved? Not one or the other, but both.

Only one person in the universe can fully know us and that is God. And the good news is that he truly loves us too!

Once we embrace the truth that God knows and loves us, our lives begin to change. Our relationship with Him begins to grow. Our relationships with other people are transformed as well. Please join us this Sunday for this impactful 4-part series, Fully Known. It will be a great way to start your new year!

If you miss any of our messages, you can listen to them here.

2018 Giving It All Away Offering


One of the most exciting things we do at NCC happens on Christmas Eve! Every year, we collect our “Giving It All Away” offering to fund our outreach ministry called “Five.16”. Matthew 5:16 says, “…Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” Matthew 5:16 is about putting our faith into practice so others may see the love of God, that is why we call our outreach “Five.16”. It is our sincere hope that 2019 expands our outreach by helping many people with spiritual, physical and emotional needs.

Here is 2019’s Five.16 plan:

  • USCG “A-School” Students Dinner
    • There are many young Coast Guard men and women stationed here in Elizabeth City for training, drawing them away from home for extended periods of time. We have the opportunity to show hospitality by serving a meal to each “A-School” student during a church-wide event next year!
  • This August, we’re welcoming new ECSU Students back to school
    • Many students at ECSU have significant financial need. These needs place an added strain on practical essentials, such as hygiene and back to school items.
    • We’re working with ECSU to discover the best ways to alleviate some of these needs.
  • We’re making a one-time donation to Maritime Ministries of $500.
    • This ministry is based out of MACU and spearheaded by Dan Smith, Interim Vice President of Institutional Advancement.
    • Maritime Ministries is an evangelistic outreach using sailing to build relationships and have conversations about faith.
  • We have a year-long plan to serve the residents of Virginia Dare apartments in Elizabeth City.
    • All residents at Virginia Dare Apts are elderly with significant financial need.
    • NCC will coordinate groups of people to serve and minister to them in a variety of ways throughout the year.
  • Elizabeth City Christmas Dinner Packages
    • This project entails packing and distributing Christmas dinner packages to some of Elizabeth City’s citizens without resources for enough healthy food.
  • We’re sponsoring five Cuban Pastors’ work again this year.
    • The church is growing in Cuba!
    • We hope to continue sponsoring Cuban pastors and their thriving ministries there.
    • On a side note, two of our elders will travel to Cuba in March to see the work God is doing there first hand.
  • Additional funds​ are used for disaster relief and other practical needs within our church family as needed.

100% of this offering is given away! We hope you will prayerfully consider how to support this offering. Donations can be made during one of the Christmas Eve services, by texting the dollar amount to 84321 with the keyword GIAA and selecting New Community Church if prompted, or online HERE.

To find out more about our Christmas Eve services, you can go HERE.


Lost Connection

Our brand new series, “Lost Connection” begins this Sunday, August 19th, at NCC!

You know that nervous feeling when your cell phone indicates your signal is low?  You immediately feel a subtle sense of anxiety, right?

“Oh no, what if I have no connection?  How will I check my email, post to Instagram or play Crossy Road?”

In Jesus’ day, they didn’t have phones, but they felt the same dread of a lost connection.  Our new series highlights three lost connections in the lives of Mary and Martha.  Each week we will discuss specific ways people lost their connection with Jesus and how to avoid it on our own spiritual journeys.

We hope you’ll join us for Lost Connection as we strive to grow in our faith, and ultimately to become a compelling  presence for Christ!

Sunday, August 19, 2018: Rob Tucker 

Sunday, August 26, 2018: Rob Tucker 

Our New Associate Pastor!

Tim Chappell has done a great job in recent years as our Family Ministries Director.  Sunday, we were pleased to announce Tim will be moving into a full-time role as Associate Pastor of New Community Church.  This new role will expand much of what Tim was doing in the ministries for students and children.  It will also include being a part of the preaching rotation, as well as some administrative duties.

The addition of Tim will help our church to continue to minister to the whole family.  Family ministry has always been a part of the DNA of our church, so we are all grateful for God’s provision in this area. Tim is married to Jen, and they have two boys, Nathan and Landen.

Tim’s looking forward to all God has ahead for New Community!

Ricky Adams

We are pleased to announce that Ricky Adams will become the next worship pastor for New Community Church! Ricky has a strong sense of calling for worship in the local church, and comes to us with a wealth of musical and worship experience. He has a deep passion for God, and a genuine love for people. Ricky is married to Adrianne, and they have 3 children: Adalynn, Boston and Bethany. They currently reside in Cape Coral, FL., and will start the new position on July 19 th . We are so excited for all that God has in store for our church’s future!

No Apologies Series (June-Aug 2018)

This Sunday marks the beginning of our summer series at NCC. We will be taking 10 Sundays to discuss some of the biggest objections to Christianity, or what has classically been called apologetics. We hope you join us to either strengthen your faith, or to break down barriers you might have to faith in Jesus Christ.

Here is the schedule of topics:
6/10/2018 Why Apologetics? (Rob Tucker)

6/17/2018 The Problem of Evil (Rob Tucker)

6/24/2018 Can we trust the Bible? (Rob Tucker) 

7/1/2018 Is it ok that I still have doubts? (Eric Lowe) 

7/8/2018 Is Jesus really God? (Rob Tucker) 

7/15/2018 Does God kill innocent children? (Tim Chappell)  

7/22/2018 How did the world begin? (Rob Tucker) 

7/29/2018 Did Jesus really rise from the dead? (Joel Turner) 

8/5/2018 The problem of miracles (Rob Tucker) 

8/12/2018 Is Jesus the only way to God? (Dustin McCrea) 

Who do you know that would enjoy engaging in one of these topics? Who will you invite? Perhaps you could follow up with a conversation over coffee or lunch as we strive to become a compelling presence for Christ!