Five.16 – Coast Guard Dinner

New Community is hosting a dinner for the U.S. Coast Guard A-School Students here in Elizabeth City!  On Wednesday, April 10th, we will be bringing food and NCC family to those currently at the base for training.  The students always appreciate this dinner and the encouragement we’re able to give through Christ.  If you’d like to serve the A-Schoolers, they’d love to have you!  We are hoping for a great showing of NCC families to make the evening one the students don’t soon forget.  We are also collecting homemade desserts to serve for those far from “home”.  Please stop by the Information Center on Sunday morning to provide information needed to accompany us on base, or sign-up for a dessert to share.  It’s going to be a great night!

Five.16 – Virginia Dare Game Night

New Community is going to Virginia Dare Apartments in Elizabeth City to host a Game Night!  On Friday, March 8th, we will be welcoming the residents from the apartments to enjoy a night of fun, food and friendship with us.  If you would like to help serve the men and women living here, we’d love to have you with us!  There are a few different ways to be involved in this FIVE.16 whether you’re playing games with those who attend, providing a finger food for them to enjoy or helping with set-up, this is a great blessing to our neighbors often overlooked in our community.  Please let us know if you’d like to join us by stopping by the Information Center this Sunday!

Series – How to be a Perfect Christian – March 2019

Many people strive to be “perfect” Christians. But to do so, we must put the emphasis on the externals—how we appear to other people. We strive hard to create that perfect appearance. And as a result we become exhausted. If you’re tired of trying to be a “perfect” Christian, we hope you join us for this 4-part series which begins this Sunday!

If you miss any of our messages, you can listen to them here.

New Student Rev Series — MADE (February-March 2019)

Hey Rev Parents!

This Sunday, we are starting a brand new series called MADE!  When it comes to sex, we all have certain ideas and expectations of what it should— or shouldn’t—be about. But what if all those thoughts and ideas are actually missing the mark? In this series, as we take a look at God’s design for sex, we’ll discover that there’s more to it than we think.  Here is what we are talking about each week:

  • WEEK ONE (2/24)
    • SCRIPTURE:  Psalm 139:14, Matthew 5:27-28
    • BOTTOM LINE:  Others weren’t made to be objects.
  • WEEK TWO (3/3)
    • SCRIPTURE:  1 Corinthians 6:18-19a NLT
    • BOTTOM LINE:  Sex was made to matter.
  • WEEK THREE (3/10)
    • SCRIPTURE:  Galatians 5:1 NLT, 1 Corinthians 6:12 NLT
    • BOTTOM LINE:  You were made to be the boss of your body.
  • WEEK FOUR (3/17)
    • SCRIPTURE:  Genesis 29-30 NLT, Psalm 139:14
    • BOTTOM LINE:  You were made for more than sex.

Student Rev is open to all middle and high school students and happens every Sunday night from 6:00-8:00 PM. We have a snack bar with food and drinks for sale, worship, message, small groups, and so much more!

PARENTS:  Check out these free resources on how to talk with your students about sexual integrity:

Middle School

High School

Series – Hope in the Dark – February 2019

Can God be good when life is hard?

When life hits hard, it plunges us into a sea of questions we hoped we’d never have to ask. But when you feel broken, abandoned, and struggling to find answers, there’s a beacon in the storm. A message series focusing on the book of Habakkuk, Hope in the Dark shows us how we can cling to God even when our circumstances are overwhelming because He will carry us through the storm.

Join us this Sunday!  If you miss any of the messages, or you want to hear our past messages in other series, click HERE

New Groups – Spring 2019


Groups are a place for you to belong and grow spiritually with other people.  Groups are a place where you can find other people who will offer friendship that encourages your faith, but also cheers us on in the day-to-day life as well.

When groups come together, they have the opportunity to explore and discuss the Bible and other topics more than we can on a Sunday morning.  Groups are a place to ask questions and find real answers.

Groups are like having a family you can turn to when the hardships of life wear us out and when we need a reminder of God’s love for us.

You can sign up for a group by clicking here.

Here are the groups that we are currently offering:

Group Name:  Pizza with the Pastors
  • Group Leader(s):  NCC Staff
  • What is this group about?  Come meet our staff and find out about NCC.
  • Who is this group for? For anyone.
  • When is this group happening?  Sunday, February 10, 2019 at 12:30 PM
  • Where is this group meeting?  NCC Student Auditorium
  • Childcare?  Yes
  • Cost?  Free

Group Name:  Connect
  • Group Leader(s):  Solomon & Laura Berry
  • What is this group about? A young adults group with fun, friendship, and usually food.
  • Who is this group for? High School Graduates – 20’s
  • When is this group happening?  1st & 3rd Sundays at 1:00 PM, starting February 3rd.
  • Where is this group meeting?  Berry Home (Elizabeth City)
  • Childcare?  No
  • Cost?  Cost of Activities

Group Name:  I Was Broke, Now I’m Not
  • Group Leader(s):  Eric Lowe
  • What is this group about? Helping you accomplish far more than you ever thought possible with your personal finances.
  • Who is this group for? For Anyone.
  • When is this group happening?  Sundays at 11:00 AM, starting February 3rd.
  • Where is this group meeting?  NCC Offices
  • Childcare?  Yes
  • Cost?  $30.00

Group Name: Love and Respect Study
  • Group Leader(s):  Ricky & Adrianne Adams
  • What is this group about? A 10-week video-based study with each night taking about 1.5-2 hours as we watch the videos, discuss, and challenge each other to treat our spouses as God intended.
  • Who is this group for? Married Couples
  • When is this group happening?  Mondays at 6:30 PM, starting February 4th.
  • Where is this group meeting?  NCC Offices
  • Childcare?  Yes
  • Cost?  $20.00/couple

Group Name: MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers)
  • Group Leader(s):  Meagan Stalter
  • What is this group about? A group for expectant moms and mothers of preschool-aged children providing a time for moms to grow together and support each other in getting through this thing called “motherhood”.
  • Who is this group for? For Mothers of Preschoolers and Expectant Moms
  • When is this group happening?  1st & 3rd Tuesdays at 9:30 – 11:30 AM
  • Where is this group meeting?  NCC Student Auditorium
  • Childcare?  Yes
  • Cost?  Cost of Childcare

Group Name: Thrive
  • Group Leader(s):  Laura Berry
  • What is this group about? A group for women experiencing grief through an unexpected, significant life change.  We are dedicated to growing stronger, braver, healthier, and happier through faith, friendship, and authentic love for others.
  • Who is this group for? For Women Only
  • When is this group happening?  1st & 3rd Tuesdays at 7:00 PM, starting February 5th.
  • Where is this group meeting?  NCC Student Auditorium
  • Childcare?  Yes
  • Cost?  Depends on Study

Group Name: Tuesday Night Men’s Group
  • Group Leader(s):  Dan Lynam
  • What is this group about? A weekly gathering to study God’s word so that we might be completely and thoroughly equipped for every good work. 
  • Who is this group for?  For Men
  • When is this group happening?  Tuesdays at 7:00 PM
  • Where is this group meeting? NCC Offices
  • Childcare?  No
  • Cost?  Free

Group Name: Thursday Morning Women’s Group
  • Group Leader(s):  Loretta Turmel
  • What is this group about? Please join us as we read The Papa Prayer by Larry Crabb and deepen our relationship with our papa.
  • Who is this group for?  For Women
  • When is this group happening?  Thursdays at 9:30 – 11:30 AM, starting February 7th
  • Where is this group meeting?  NCC Offices
  • Childcare?  No
  • Cost?  $16/person

Group Name: Mostly Mature
  • Group Leader(s):  Harv & Chris Schaffner
  • What is this group about? We believe that we never stop growing in Christ and are interested in ways to serve others while personally growing closer to our Lord through the study of God’s Word and prayer.
  • Who is this group for?  For empty nesters and retired people.
  • When is this group happening?  Fridays at 6:30 PM
  • Where is this group meeting?  Schaffner Home (Elizabeth City)
  • Childcare?  No
  • Cost?  Free

Group Name: NCC Ladies
  • Group Leader(s):  Zaribel Clay
  • What is this group about? Fun Gatherings open to all New Community Ladies!
  • Who is this group for?  For Women
  • When is this group happening?  Stay Tuned for dates and times!

Series – Fully Known – January – February 2019

What would life be like if you were fully known, and truly loved? Not one or the other, but both.

Only one person in the universe can fully know us and that is God. And the good news is that he truly loves us too!

Once we embrace the truth that God knows and loves us, our lives begin to change. Our relationship with Him begins to grow. Our relationships with other people are transformed as well. Please join us this Sunday for this impactful 4-part series, Fully Known. It will be a great way to start your new year!

If you miss any of our messages, you can listen to them here.