No Apologies Series (June-Aug 2018)

This Sunday marks the beginning of our summer series at NCC. We will be taking 10 Sundays to discuss some of the biggest objections to Christianity, or what has classically been called apologetics. We hope you join us to either strengthen your faith, or to break down barriers you might have to faith in Jesus Christ.

Here is the schedule of topics:
6/10/2018 Why Apologetics? (Rob Tucker)

6/17/2018 The Problem of Evil (Rob Tucker)

6/24/2018 Can we trust the Bible? (Rob Tucker) 

7/1/2018 Is it ok that I still have doubts? (Eric Lowe) 

7/8/2018 Is Jesus really God? (Rob Tucker) 

7/15/2018 Does God kill innocent children? (Tim Chappell)  

7/22/2018 How did the world begin? (Rob Tucker) 

7/29/2018 Did Jesus really rise from the dead? (Joel Turner) 

8/5/2018 The problem of miracles (Rob Tucker) 

8/12/2018 Is Jesus the only way to God? (Dustin McCrea) 

Who do you know that would enjoy engaging in one of these topics? Who will you invite? Perhaps you could follow up with a conversation over coffee or lunch as we strive to become a compelling presence for Christ!