Coast Guard A-School five.16

Here we go, Church!  It’s our next opportunity to love our community together!

Thanks to your generosity this past Christmas via our Giving-It-All-Away offering, we’re serving our U.S. Coast Guard A-School Students in Elizabeth City again!  We want everyone involved in this awesome event, showing encouragement, love and support to students God led here.  You can sign-up below or stop by our Information Center on Sunday morning.   Here are details on ways you can serve!

Thursday, May 17th, we’ll need people to serve at the Hangar 7 building located on the Elizabeth City base.  The following are time slots and needs to cover: 4-5pm set-up, 5-6pm serve dinner, 6-7pm serve dinner and 7-7:30pm clean-up.  During the 5pm and 6pm shifts, we hope for as many NCC people as possible to visit with the students, sharing kindness and encouragement during an often-difficult season in their lives.

If you are unable to serve on base, or are interested in a different way to be involved, we have that too!  We need: 8 people to make crockpot macaroni and cheese, 4 people to prepare green beans, and a crew to prepare individual dessert items.  Our Giving-It-All-Away fund will provide all ingredients needed, so no worries on cost to you!  We are looking for people to help us provide a “home-cooked” meal for those away from their homes and loved ones during school.

Please let us know how YOU want to serve with us, reflecting the love of Christ to awesome men and women in our community!