Swipe Right Series (April-May 2018)

This Sunday, we begin a new 4-part series called Swipe Right, based on the book by Levi Lusko. This series will look at what the Bible has to say about sexuality and relationships. It is geared for both married and single people.

Here are 5 reasons NOT to attend the Swipe Right series this Sunday at NCC!

1. Don’t attend this series if you don’t want to see how ancient biblical texts can come alive for your life today. For example, week 1 will explore what the story of Jacob and Esau has to do with sexuality.

2. Don’t attend this series if you have never had any struggles in the area of sexuality. If you have never lusted or had an impure thought, you definitely get a pass. In fact, would you like to speak on week 3?

3. Don’t attend this series if you think our culture is getting sexuality right. Instead, just take your cues from television sitcoms. Or Netflix.

4. Don’t attend this series if you don’t want to see our worship director give his first sermon (week 2). Feel free to heckle.

5. And finally, don’t attend this series if you dislike authentic worship. Fact is, we plan on having a lot of it!

We really do hope to see you there!

April 15, 2018 (Rob Tucker) 

April 22, 2018 (Cruz Rueda-Lopez) 

April 29, 2018 (Rob Tucker) 

May 6, 2018 (Rob Tucker)