Goliath Must Fall Series (Jan-Feb 2018)

This Sunday begins a new 5 week series called, Goliath Must Fall. This series is based on the book by Louie Giglio, which takes a look at the giants in our lives and how to overcome them. But before you think this is just another series about David and Goliath, think again! There’s definitely a twist! We hope you come out this Sunday to find out what it is. And please bring a friend! This series will be a great one for inviting someone you care about. Specific topics include: Comfort must fall, Rejection must fall, Fear must fall and Anger must fall.

Jan. 14, 2018 (Rob Tucker):  You are not David. 

Jan 21, 2018 (Rob Tucker): Comfort Must Fall. 

Jan. 28, 2018 (Tim Chappell): Rejection Must Fall. 

Feb. 4, 2018 (Rob Tucker): Fear Must Fall 

Feb. 11, 2018 (Rob Tucker): Anger Must Fall