five.16 – Serve our Coast Guard

We’re bringing a home-cooked dinner to the A-School!

Thursday, August 24th, New Community Church will be participating in our next whole-church five.16, serving our local U.S Coast Guard A-School students dinner.  That evening, we’ll have time to meet approximately 200 students, encouraging them while here in Elizabeth City.

All the food and supplies will be purchased with money collected from last Christmas Eve’s Giving-It-All-Away offering. In order to make this a great night, we’ll need people to help set-up, prepare foods, serve dinner, clean-up and visit with our Coastie students.  Please sign-up at the Information Center on Sunday morning to join us.  We’ll need your identification information ahead of time to be permitted on the base.

When: Thursday, August 24th, teams scheduled from 4-8pm

Where: Hangar 7 Building located on U.S. Coast Guard Base, Elizabeth City