Student Rev is going to Winter Jam!

On Thursday, February 23, Winter Jam is coming back to the Norfolk Scope!  If you’ve never been to Winter Jam, it is one night with some incredible Christian artists and speakers and it is a great opportunity to enjoy a night of great music with an arena full of other people.  This year, Crowder, Tenth Avenue North, Britt Nicole, Red, and Andy Mineo are just a few of the artists and Tony Nolan will be speaking.  

We will leave NCC at 3:45 PM and we will be back around 1:00-2:00 AM.  

This year, we are getting the Jam Nation passes, which allows us to go in early to get a seat before they let everyone else in and almost guarantees us that we will get a seat.  The Jam Nation passes are $40 per personIn years past, we have stood in line for at least 4-5 hours and getting a seat still could be tricky, depending on the size of your group and how many people were in line before you.  With the Jam Nation passes, you are able to go in and get a seat, plus you get a free t-shirt and Q&A with some of the artists that will be performing that night.  

If you still want to go to the concert but do not want the Jam Nation pass, we encourage you to go as a family and get in for $10 per person.  It is a great opportunity that we do not want you to miss out on regardless of whether you go with us or as a family.  

The money is due by Sunday, January 29th.  The only other money that will be needed is money for food and other things that you may want throughout the night.  

We will need this permission form filled out and turned in. You can download it and print it, or pick one up at Student Rev.

As always, you can always e-mail me at if you have any questions!