Melissa Copeland's story

Here is another great story about the power of Groups:

In the summer of 2015, I was at a crossroads in my faith.  Having experienced several changes and frustration in my church, I grew interested in this “group” thing my awesome cousin Danelle Barco was involved in.  I asked her some questions and inquired if she would let me know when the next one came open.  So in August, new groups started and I was asked to participate.  My initial interest was to learn more and grow spiritually but hopefully take something from this group back to my own church to help in its growth.  Who knew spending Tuesday nights with 9 amazing women would change my life forever!  I have had the opportunity to meet amazing women and really get RAW on faith, marriage, kids, friendship and God and form lifelong SINCERE prayer partners.  From the very first night I felt warm, welcomed and couldn’t wait for Tuesdays to come!  After meeting every week and hearing awesome things about NCC, I just had to witness it for myself.  Being part of a group turned into a full time decision last November to be a part of New Community Church.  I have had the privilege to attend the COMPEL series in January, the Alpha course (and amazing Monday night dinners) in April, the NCC ACTS projects at the prison first quarter and our group ACT for 2nd quarter.  With my 2 youngest of 6 kids being a middle schooler & high schooler and wanting to “give back”,  I decided to be a part of the leadership team with Student Rev.   I am excited to see where it leads.

I love being a part of NCC.  The excitement and enthusiasm of the church is definitely COMPELLING and contagious and having such a laid back, humble & completely HUMAN pastor who can step on your toes and pull at your heart all in the same message and make you feel like he is speaking ONLY AT YOU is awesome.   I am so blessed for the people God places in our paths along the way to help us grow. 

Thank you Danelle for leading me to NCC groups and to NCC for being a Compelling Presence for Christ in our community.