Courtney Morris’ story

What a great story from Courtney Morris!!

When I first started coming to NCC in 2014, it was to basically please my husband. He (Alex) was the church-goer, not me. I would of much rather do something else with my life! I didn’t have much to believe in at that point in my life.

After almost a year of coming here, we were sitting in church one Sunday and Pastor Rob had brought up the Alpha Course and brought a man who had already taken the Alpha Course up on stage to tell his story of how effective the course was for him. By this point, I was wanting to learn more and grow my faith, and Alex knew it. I don’t think I had ever came out and said it, but he knew from all my questions. So he had looked at me while this man was talking and said, “We should definitely take this course.” Me, still being kinda if-fy, said, “Ok.” So, together we joined!

I’m not going to lie and say when I first went into the group I thought it was amazing. When I first watched the video, I couldn’t keep my focus and thought to myself “How will I ever learn anything through this video?” But after weeks of watching videos and doing discussion with our group, I felt my faith change. I didn’t want the course to end, I felt like there was so much more to learn!

After the course ended and months had passed, and I was more willing to pray with my family, I felt a tug in my heart saying it was time to be baptized. So in front of everyone, I committed myself to God that He would be first over everything. I learned to pray and just be ok with sitting down and opening the Bible to look up a verse to help with whatever I was dealing with, or just to read!

Months after my baptism, I wanted to do more with the church. I didn’t know how or what to do, but I knew I needed to be more involved. Just around that time the “Do Something” papers were everywhere, and I knew that was where I need to go. So I joined the morning Guest Services group working wherever they needed me that Sunday! Best decision I made!!

I love waking up on Sundays, putting on that blue shirt, and just welcoming people to church with a smile! Now, now I’m ready to take on my next adventure with my church to lead a small group in the fall for young families!