Stupid Questions Series (May-Sept 2016)

You’ve heard the expression, “there’s no such thing as a stupid question.”  Well, when it comes to faith, it’s true!  There are no stupid questions—only unanswered ones.

That’s why this summer is being devoted to your questions.  We’ve already begun to compile your questions for a summer long series called (yep, you guessed it!) There’s No Such Thing as Stupid Questions.

Questions will be about faith, life, theology and relevant to our everyday experiences.  You can still submit a question on our Facebook page.  This series begins on May 29th and will run until September 4th.

June 5, 2016: Is God disappointed with me? 

June 12. 2016: Is the Bible reliable?

June 19, 2016: How should I read the Bible? 

June 26, 2016: What is praise? How and when should I praise? 

July 3, 2016: Alpha Course video

July 10, 2016: What is my most important role as a parent? 

July 17, 2016: What does the Bible teach about forgiveness? 

July 24, 2016: How do I forgive? 

July 31, 2016: How do I forgive myself? 

August 7, 2016: Can I lose my salvation? 

August 14, 2016: What about the end times?

August 21, 2016: What about the end times?  

August 28, 2016: How do I hear from God? 

September 4, 2016: How can I be an effective Christian? 

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