At the Movies Series (May-June 2015)

NCC At the Movies!

Please join us this Sunday for 5 dramatic weeks of…(wait for it)… At the Movies! Last summer we had a blast using movies to springboard into biblical messages on relevant topics, and we are doing it again!  This series is a perfect one to invite a friend to because each topic will stand alone and be applicable to real life.  Please consider who you will invite to one of the next 5 Sundays (May 31-June 28).  Your guest will be treated to a free gift of a movie pack, as well as homemade popcorn and a front row seat.  See you there!

May 31, 2015: The Avengers (Revenge is a dish best not served)

June 6, 2015: Tomorrowland (Don’t look back, look forward!)

June 14, 2015: The Dark Knight (Integrity)

June 21, 2015: Interstellar (Fathers be present)

June 28, 2015: San Andreas (When life falls apart)