Grey Matter Series (April-May 2015)

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We have so many decisions we face in everyday life – it’s often overwhelming, especially the “big moments” we find ourselves in!  Our decision-making activity is constantly happening in our brains, in the GREY MATTER. Isn’t it ironic how we’re challenged to make black & white choices in a relentless world of grey? How do we choose as Christ-followers? Join us as we explore finding wisdom in our decisions, seeking God’s Will for our lives and navigating areas that often cause us to question our faith in Him. GREY MATTER is a four-week series happening April 12th-May 3rd. Bring a friend and encourage each other as we face decisions ahead!

April 12, 2015: The Power of Predeciding

April 19, 2015: God’s way > our way

April 26, 2015: Some assembly required

Map 3, 2015: God doesn’t want weak sauce prayers