A new Vision and Strategy

After much prayer and discussion, the elders of New Community Church, along with the staff, have landed on a new church vision.  We want to become a compelling presence for Christ.  We will start by being a compelling presence to our immediate community and move outward from there.  We believe this is at the heart of what God has called us to be.

So what is a compelling presence?  There are many biblical metaphors conveying this idea including: salt and light, a city on a hill, the bride of Christ, and shining like the stars.  Each of these metaphors point to this truth – God’s church is to be a body drawing people, through Christ’s compelling love, into a restorative relationship with him.

We believe we can become a compelling presence through 3 primary areas: Wonder, Discuss and Act.

  1. Wonder is: wanting our weekend services to point to the wonder of God. When we meet, it is our desire for people to encounter God and be transformed by Him.  Relevant preaching, authentic worship and warm community are all components of this welcoming environment.
  2. Discuss is: having conversation over the Bible in the context of smaller groups throughout the week. Our Community Groups, parenting classes and the Alpha Course are all examples of this discussion.
  3. Act is: putting God’s word into action. We want to be a church body that is more than just talk.  Our actions are conveyed through generosity, service projects and acts of love to those in need.  These actions are to be lived out on both individual and corporate levels.

Each of these areas describe ways NCC can become a compelling presence for Christ to the Elizabeth City community.

On my way into town recently, I was waiting at the drawbridge on the Causeway.  Staring at the clouds, I was struck by two contrasting pictures in the same sky.  One was a storm cloud, dark and gloomy, seeming as if it may burst into rain at any moment.  The other was one of the most brilliant clouds I have ever seen, its luminosity surprising given the cloud immediately next to it.  I sat and wondered, how they could be so different, yet appear in the same sky?  The answer, of course, is the sun.  The sun’s incredible light was reflecting off of one cloud, yet not the other.  And so it is with us Christ-followers, as part of the church.  We are reflections of the glory of Jesus Christ.  And at New Community Church, we want people to see us, recognizing something different because of the compelling presence of Christ.

Pastor Rob

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