Believe 2015

Parents of Middle School Students,

In case you’ve never heard of Believe before, let me give you a quick overview. It’s a weekend event produced by Christ In Youth, an organization that has been putting together
age-intentional events all over the world for more than 45 years  (you can check out their website at It takes place in a large auditorium, where your child will worship alongside thousands of other students their age. It’s literally an experience they’ll get nowhere else. It’s also one of the safest and most well-organized events we can take our students to each year.

This year worship will be led by the nationally recognized Christian band Carrollton. There are also some fun, interactive activities. And best of all, there are messages from some of the nation’s leading youth leaders – people such as Kurt Johnston from Saddleback Church and Brooklyn Lindsey, who’s written books such as “A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Teenage Girls.” These people are masters at communicating with Jr. high students.

Suffice to say, Believe is an investment in your child’s spiritual walk that you’ll be looking back on many years down the road as one of the memory-making moments that hopefully propelled them into a deeper walk with Christ.

DATES:  Friday-Sunday, May 1st-3rd

LOCATION:  Duluth, GA (Suburb of Atlanta)

COST:  $200/per student

STEPS TO TAKE (For your Middle Schooler to go)

  1. Pay Deposit (or Full Amount) by February 8, 2015:
    1. Payment Schedule
      1. Option A
        1. $200 by February 8, 2015
      2. Option B (Payments)
        1. $40 by February 8, 2015
        2. $60 by March 15, 2015
        3. $100 by April 12, 2015
      3. Instructions to Pay
        1. Go to:
        2. Login to Account (or Create an Account)
        3. Select “Event Registration”
        4. Select “One Time Event Registration”
        5. Enter Payment Amount for “Believe Registration”
        6. Click Continue & Proceed to enter billing Information
        7. Follow the process through to confirmation
  2. Fill out SR Medical Release Form & Return
    1. SR Medical Release Form
    2. Copies Available At Information Center

Sample Schedule:

6:15am Arrive at the Church New Community Church
6:30am Hit the road
7:30am Breakfast*** Williamston, NC
8:00am Back on the road
12:30pm Lunch*** TBD
4:00pm Arrive at Hotel Courtyard Marriott
4:45pm Head to Believe Tour (Grab Pizza for Dinner) Gwinnett Center
10:50pm Return to Hotel Courtyard Marriott
7:30am Breakfast Courtyard by Marriott
8:00am Leave Hotel for Believe
8:30am Believe Tour Gwinnett Center
12:30pm Lunch TBD
2:00pm Believe Tour Gwinnett Center
4:30pm Head back to Hotel Courtyard by Marriott
6:00pm Dinner TBD
8:00pm Leave for Whirly Ball/ Laser Tag Jimmy’s Mad Mad Whirled
9:00pm Whirly Ball/ Laser Tag Jimmy’s Mad Mad Whirled
11:00pm Leave for Hotel Courtyard Marriott
7:00am Breakfast Courtyard by Marriott
7:30am Leave for Church
10:00am Arrive at Church Newspring Church (Anderson)
12:00pm Lunch*** TBD
1:00pm Hit the Road to head home
7:30pm Arrive back Home New Community Church
8:00pm ALL STUDENTS PICKED UP!!!!! New Community Church

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