Christmas at NCC

One of the decisions the elders made this year was to have no corporate, church-wide services on December 28th, the Sunday after Christmas. We realize just how crazy that sounds, but want you to know there is a method to our madness. Here are a few reasons for the decision:

First, we do have services that week—they are just not on Sunday. We will have two services as usual, but they will be on Christmas Eve, instead of Sunday. We hope this encourages our entire church family and friends to attend one of our special services as a way of celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Our way of celebrating the greatest gift of all is our “Giving It All Away Offering.” See *this post* for more information about it.

A second reason is to allow for parents to lead the spiritual aspects of Christmas this year in their homes. On our Facebook Page (link the words to FB page), we have been promoting the “20 Days of Worship” leading up to that Sunday. These are practical ways to worship God during the holiday season. The message is that we are the church wherever we go, not just when we meet together on a Sunday morning. It is our earnest hope families will celebrate Christmas together this year in creative and memorable ways. You might have a family worship service that Sunday, or even get together with others from your community group. You may find a service opportunity in town and model with your children the deeper meaning of Christmas. You may want to invite a neighbor over for coffee and spiritual conversation.

A third reason is our volunteers. It takes well over 100 people each Sunday to make our services happen. These are dedicated people, like you, who labor in love each Sunday in areas like Kidz Community, worship and tech teams, and first impression teams. We are going to be stretching them, and our church staff, pretty thin Christmas week with our full Christmas Eve services. We want to give them a small token of our appreciation by taking one Sunday out of the year to rest, renew and worship our Lord with their families. Christmas is not about being busy.

While I know this is a new idea, and may not be everyone’s first choice, I pray that you will embrace the God-led spirit behind it. I hope you will fully participate in the services held here at NCC, while maximizing the worship of our Lord in other contexts as well.